Waterton National Park is unique in that it lies within four separate and distinct eco zones resulting in a plethora of wildflowers found nowhere else in the province. It is so renowned for it's wildflowers that they host a Wildflower Festival in June that draws visitors from around the world. I did not have too far to travel and I was fortunate to be able to make two treks to this gem of a destination over the course of 10 - 11 days and experienced the park in a variety of weather conditions. It was glorious!
Northern Pitcher PlantPurple Virgin's BowerUnknownYellow ColumbineStiff CoreopsisAlpine forget-me-notFalse AzaleaYellow AngelicaIndian paint brushRockcress speciesWhite CampionCommon HarebellPrairie or Nodding OnionNorthern LocoweedYellow Mountain AvenBrown-eyed susanOld man's whiskers / Three flowered avenswhite ladies slipperUnidentifiedButtercup