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I love to create books. Yearbooks, travel albums or specialties like Birds of New Zealand, Lighthouses of the Maritimes, Memories: The Bishop Farm, Wildflowers of Waterton and now my Colours of Italy.

The year 2017 in review.


I have produced a "coffee table" book of memories of the trip but it's large and full of personal recollections - check it out at Blurb.ca and search my name, it should show up. I created this book highlighting the colours of Italy that stood out to me. Once I began noticing the hits of colours I started making a point of shooting them.

Since enjoying  my first experience with the Waterton Wildflower Festival I have been a "regular" attendee. Watch out it could get in your soul as well! This one is a trimmed down version with a soft cover and therefore less expensive. Check them both out to see which you prefer.


One of the things I looked forward to on our trip to New Zealand was the birds. The island nation has native species seen nowhere else. I was so looking forward to finding as many of them as I could during our 6 week visit.


My husband and I promised ourselves a number of trips that we would take after he retired. The first was to be to visit the east coast during the fall colours. Life likes to play jokes on people who make plans like that and our trip had to be rearranged from the original concept. We did travel in the autumn and we did drive through Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and P.E.I. so we were happy about that. We made a pact that we would track down any lighthouse we could, if  we saw one on the map or if we saw a sign for one we departed our route and sought it out.

A friend gave me a heads up that a local farm was soon to be dismantled to make way for a new Canadian Tire. Progress isn't a bad thing, the farm had been vacant for awhile and was in a sorry state but everyone remembered the field with sheep and would miss the local landmark. One morning I woke to bright blue skies and hoar frost covering the trees and knew I had to get to the Bishop farm as quickly as possible, even though we were hosting guests for breakfast! I raced over and shot for about an hour in the cold crisp air then just as I was getting ready to leave a wind picked up and the frost began floating down off the trees - I am so thankful I was a poor host and got to the farm when it was covered in natures diamonds.
































I will continue to add my works here in the future as I create them. Maybe there is something that speaks to you.