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Grand Slam Baseball

After a two-year enforced hiatus, it is so nice to have activities like baseball available to the kids of High River once again.

Over the course of the season, I hope to get an action shot of every player - batting and fielding. Due to the game itself, the fielding plays may be the hardest to come up with but I am confident that I will get a shot of every player contributing to the team effort.

It may take a few games for me to learn the players by their appearance and not have to rely on getting a random shot of their number. So far I have been able to identify all the players except one by what they wore and Alison was able to help me with that one. Apparently she knows all thirteen by name already! If you notice a player I have numbered incorrectly - please let me know.

Please feel free to download images of your child and even their friends but do keep in mind the need for children's privacy.

Go Storm!

I have created a collage using shots from this season's games. Feel free to download. If you would like to have the one for your child printed I can have that done for you. Feel free to contact me.
#1 - Hunter#1 - Hunter-1#1 - Hunter-2#1 - Hunter-3#1 - Hunter-4#1 - Hunter-5#1 - Hunter-7#1 - Hunter-8#1 - Hunter-9#1 - Hunter-10#1 - Hunter-11#1 - Hunter-12#1 - Hunter-13#2 - William#2 - William-1#2 - William-2#2 - William-3#2 - William-4#2 - William-5#2 - William-6

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