C.J. Bennington Fine Art Photography | Printing & Framing

Framing your new print

Most of the images available for purchase on this site are cropped to a 5x7 ratio which translates into a 10x14 image which in turn fits many stock mat & frame combinations available for purchase through retail outlets. Or, if you prefer I can frame any of the standard images, specialty sizes, with or without matting and using regular or reflection control glass. You would be welcome to visit my shop or if that is not feasible we could discuss your preferences, I would complete the framing and ship the item on to you. In addition to a photographer I am a trained custom framer and would ensure that your piece is finished using proper framing methods. I have operated Artful Expressions Custom Framing for the past 20 years.

Feel free to send me a note to discuss your printing and framing needs.