A few kilometers northeast of Nanton, AB is one of the most beautiful secret gardens you will ever hope to find. It's not meant to be a secret but given the few number of people who know of it's existence it would seem that way.
The Coutts Centre for Western Heritage was established on the family homestead of Jim Coutts. He bequeathed it to the University of Lethbridge who took over responsibility for the gardens and grounds. Every year they have added to the original gardens and structures to enable the property to help sustain itself financially. They’ve created a writer’s cabin, revamped the chicken house, brought in the Tapp house and barn, built the north barn, rehabbed an old gazebo into a gardener’s shed, erected an event tent which has been replaced by a new “hay barn”. A camera obsura has found a home in a grainery on the property, and a new gazebo has been built, and the list goes on. Best you visit these lovely grounds for yourself. In the meantime, enjoy this gallery of images.
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