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Communing with Nature - another of my favourite pastimes. There is not a time when enjoying an outing that nature does not share it's gifts with us, from a bed of mushrooms on a nursery log bathed in a swatch of light breaking through the rain forest canopy to a morning paddle on a quiet lake. Sunsets and sunrises, rushing rivers and turning leaves, nature provides a bounty of images. I enjoy witnessing our interactions with nature from an early walk on a beach to riding the rapids in a kayak. Enjoying, sharing, and caring for nature.
Red LeavesPink DawnAfter the FireEarly morning commune with NatureTime to baleHere comes the weatherThe beginning of a duneSunlight finding it's wayTangle BushCrossroadsPacific SunsetUcluelet SunsetRainforest GrowthPlaying with WaterHanging by a ThreadSteamingCamoflagedLong BeachGolden FallSunset

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