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Wildlife Photography can be a money pit, kind of like Sports Photography! While I would love to sit out in the wilds and capture all sorts of magnificent creatures I will have to enjoy this genre on smaller scale. With an occasional trip to the zoo to practice my craft or a day trip to the mountains and occassionally to a far off destination to round out my portfolio of "wildlife".
IguanaTaking home dinnerDSC_8171Mom & KidRed PandaLemurSheep Shot - New ZealandPronghorn AntelopeCouple of bucksMust be SpringCoyote in K CountryBig horn sheep on Rock GlacierSheep at Rock GlacierGetting ready for WinterHunting - Waterton ParkRestingPika of Rock GlacierPika of Rock Glacier - snackingPika of Rock Glacier - restingPika of Rock Glacier - watchful

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