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Remote, rustic and romantic. When you step out of your car at Borgo di Vagli you step back in time.
Since discovering Borgo online 10 or 12 years ago I have dreamed of staying there. A 14th century village, deserted after the Second World War, then rediscovered and rebuilt into a wonderfully unique resort with all the comforts for a modern life, Borgo has been rebuilt from the ruins of yesteryear.
It was all I had hoped for and more.
The history of Borgo di Vagli is closely tied to that of Pierle Castle as the village was established as a lookout for potential attackers coming from the north. Pierle dominates the fertile Niccome Valley below Borgo.
Now in a state of ruin, it is still a powerful example of the feudal castles of Tuscany. Pierle was once critical to the feudal lords as they battled for territorial control.
The castle has been left for nature to reclaim since 1587 and it is a testament to it’s strength that it stands yet today some 430 years later.
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