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Waterton National Park is unique in that it lies within four separate and distinct eco zones resulting in an abundance of wildflowers found nowhere else in the province.
It is so renowned for it's wildflowers that an annual Wildflower Festival was being held in June and it drew visitors from around the world, unfortunately, it took a hiatus just prior to the "COVID shutdown" and never resumed, much to my disappointment. I did not have too far to travel and I was fortunate to have been able to make numerous treks to this gem of a destination. Fourteen years and counting for my annual pilgrimage

Weather plays such a factor in what is in bloom and when, so I consider myself very fortunate to have accumulated quite a portfolio of images over the years and I look forward to adding to it regularly.
Alpine forget-me-notRound-leaved AlumrootArrow-leaved BalsamrootAspen grove &  Western Groundsel - after the fireBeargrassBlue ClematisBlue-eyed GrassBrown-eyed susanButtercupCalypso OrchidCusick's PaintbrushCut-leaved AnemoneCut-leaved Anemone IICut-leaved Anemone IIIGlacier LilyFalse Solomon's SealField ChickweedFireweedLow LarkspurLupine

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