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I am ever thankful to have friends who are master gardeners. Libbie offers her design services appropriately named "Garden Angel". This gallery is a collection of images taken 9 years apart - as you can tell, a garden is an ever changing ever evolving place. I do enjoy seeing what's new whenever I visit this lovely garden.
Libbie's Garden - 1Libbie's Garden - 2Libbie's Garden - 3Libbie's Garden - 4Libbie's Garden - 5Libbie's Garden - 6Libbie's Garden - 7Libbie's Garden - 8Libbie's Garden - 9Libbie's Garden - 10Libbie's Garden - 11Libbie's Garden - 12Libbie's Garden - 13Libbie's Garden - 14Libbie's Garden - 15Libbie's Garden - 16Libbie's Garden - 17Libbie's Garden - 18Libbie's Garden - 19Libbie's Garden - 20

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