I don't have all of these cards on hand at all times but it doesn't take long to get them printed up and put together.
I charge $5.00 per card but they are cheaper by the dozen at $50.00.
A selection of cards is available at the Leighton Centre (it's a beautiful drive) or at the Willow Creek Studio & Boutique in Nanton.

I love photographing flowers be they in the wild or in a formal garden but I also very much enjoy drawing them. If they look familiar that is because I use my photos as references for my drawing. I will usually begin a drawing the traditional way, on paper but I then scan it into my computer for the colouring.
Sometimes, like with the Joy or Thankful cards, I will draw them on my computer and use a font in Photoshop (I could never print like that) for any text I include.
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