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I am fortunate to have some wonderful gardeners as friends. They are so gracious to allow me access to their gardens. They will even give me a heads up when some plants are in full bloom.
I don't have all of these cards on hand at all times but it doesn't take long to get them printed up and put together.
I charge $5.00 per card but they are cheaper by the dozen at $50.00.

A selection of these cards is available at the Leighton Centre (it's a beautiful drive) or at the Willow Creek Studio & Boutique in Nanton.
Dahlia Clearview Jonas IIDahlia Ferncliff CameoDahlia Lyn's LouiseDahlia Mak's RubyDahlia Skipley Lois JeanSpartacus IISpartacusDahlia, Dutch BabyDahlia, Ferncliff SpiceDahlia Clearview JonasDahlia 7Dahlia 3Dahlia 4Gladiola, John AllemanGladiola, Red SeedlingGladiola, Rosy PosyGladiola, Ruth AnnGlad 4Glad 2Daylily, Hold Your Horses

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