I am fortunate to have some wonderful gardeners as friends. They are so gracious to allow me access to their gardens. They will even give me a heads up when some plants are in full bloom.
I don't have all of these cards on hand at all times but it doesn't take long to get them printed up and put together.
I charge $5.00 per card but they are cheaper by the dozen at $50.00.

A selection of these cards is available at the Leighton Centre (it's a beautiful drive) or at the Willow Creek Studio & Boutique in Nanton.
Dahlia 1Dahlia 2Daylily 1Daylily 2Daylily 3Daylily 4Daylily 5Pretty in PinkDahlia 3Dahlia 4Dahlia 7Daylily 5Daylily 6Daylily 8Daylily 9Daylily 10Daylily 13Glad 2Glad 3Glad 4

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